The Mayadem!

Beyond Play!

We dedicate ourselves to creating avenues for children to access
the best in culture and education through innovative technologies.

Love Mark

Fun, educational and brand-appropriate products.

Digital Strategy

We can create new digital strategies for parents & kids market.


We have strong technology and development knowhow for every project.

Market Knowhow

Our apps played and used by millions of kids and parents.

Nurturing the Love of
Learning in Children!

Games represent more than entertainment for children; they are a lens through which they understand life and meet their mental and emotional needs.

Mayadem creates enriching environments with creative graphics to foster exploration and learning.

It's essential for children to explore and discover their talents, and Mayadem's playful educational tools support this continuous journey of discovery, helping them understand themselves and the world.

Encouraging a love of learning, Mayadem combines play with educational content to fuel cognitive and emotional growth, cultivating imagination and practical knowledge.

Let's Meet and Make
a Better World Together!